Professional Exterior Cleaning Services in Brighton

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When it comes to your home or business premises, we understand the importance of having a professional and well kept look. Choosing the right exterior cleaning and maintenance service is essential to providing quality services, maintaining a good reputation and protecting the building's exterior surfaces.
However, it can be difficult to find a professional cleaning company that is both safe and competitive. Gleaming Exteriors' cleaning methods are not only safe, ecological and long-lasting but are provided at a fair price for customers in Brighton and the surrounding area.
Whether you have a small local business, several branches across the county or a residential building, Gleaming Exteriors can design a cleaning program that meets your needs.
We offer a wide range of effective exterior cleaning services, including:

Window Cleaning

Maintain a Flawless Appearance
Gleaming Exteriors specialises in washing windows and exterior glass for residential and commercial buildings. We are committed to providing an immaculate service no matter what type of window cleaning you are looking for. Whether standard windows, large sizes, inclined or limited partitions, the meticulous service of Gleaming Exteriors will ensure a flawless end-result. We clean all types of windows, regardless of their height and accessibility.

Gutter Maintenance

Prevent Flooding, Deterioration of the Roof and Erosion of the Property
The maintenance of gutters is an essential task too often neglected. Gutter cleaning is necessary to prevent flooding, deterioration of the roof and erosion of the property. Proper maintenance of your gutters will also maximise their life. The cleaning of the gutters consists of using telescopic cameras to identify obstructions then syphoning the debris out by a powerful industrial vacuum; thus, ensuring the good flow of the outlets of water.

Exterior Building Cleaning

Bringing Your Building Back to Pristine Condition
The exterior of your premises is the first thing that clients, suppliers and staff see as they arrive. A dirty, stained exterior with mossy patches and grass sprouting from the driveway, patios or decking creates a poor impression. We carry out façade, patio and block paving cleaning on commercial premises, offices, housing authorities and residential buildings. We also offer restoration services including re-sanding and sealing block paving, and brickwork and stone work cleaning.

Why choose Gleaming Exteriors as your cleaning expert?

At Gleaming Exteriors, we pride ourselves on our eco-friendly and efficient cleaning techniques, which enable us to create a safer and healthier environment for our customers.
Gleaming Exteriors is committed to maintaining high standards at all times to ensure your complete satisfaction.
To learn more about our affordable cleaning packages, contact Gleaming Exteriors today or ask for a personalised estimate of your cleaning requirements.

Case Studies

See a collection of recent exterior cleaning jobs we've completed to a high standard with ultimate customer satisfaction...

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BySite Owner Jan 23, 2018

Customer in Hove

"Had Gleaming Exteriors round to spruce up the front of my property, professional service will be using in the future." Call us now: Tel: 012

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BySite Owner Dec 6, 2017

Mike Smith

"I had Gleaming Exteriors to spruce up the outside of my property! What a transformation, fantastic results. A big thank you. Mike Smith". Call

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BySite Owner Nov 3, 2017

Ms Sue Hyatt, Portslade

"I got Gleaming Exteriors in as I was having trouble with my last cleaning company . The end result was terrific ! He cleaned my windows and fasc